My art responds to how I feel, relative to society. I start with a need for catharsis which I then develop into a photograph. I'm influenced by Arnaud Montagard's, Eric Giovon's, and Tania Franco Klein's ability to convey isolation in their own styles. I believe that when a person allows themself to open up to vulnerability, they begin to feel a sense of liberation. The power of connection is unifying, and when people experience my work, I want them to feel like they're not alone in feeling lonesome.

Champaign County Fair Art Exhibition

Best in Show - Where Dreams Come to Die

1st Place, Photojournalism - Where Dreams Come to Die

1st Place, Miscellaneous - W.W.

2nd Place, Landscapes - Ellipses

Busey Bank: The 1868 Collection

Kafe Copi Art Installation

Boneyard Arts Festival

Springer Cultural Center: Viewpoints

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